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Three Amazing Places to Store your Spare Keys

Posted on by Josh Wilson

It will just take you a small amount of time to think and a little creativity to keep your keys in a safe place. And since you will store the key after investing a small amount of time, you will definitely remember the place where you have kept it. Hiding spare keys or even duplicate keys may seem hard, but it is not an impossible thing. And it is always not a good idea to call locksmith North Sydney for your service. So, if you do not want to pose a security threat to your apartment by losing the keys and not even finding the spare ones, here are the five great, yet unusual places to store your keys.

  • The fake rock hide-a-key can come to your rescue if you want to hide your spare key. You could also bury the key in a safe place, like in your yard, keeping the top portion of the key exposed. The fake sprinkler could hold your keys while you bury the sprinkler in the ground. The sprinkler will look like a real water sprinkler but instead of watering your lawn, it will hold your keys. So, if you ever lock yourself out of your house, you will be saved from contacting a locksmith in North Sydney because this time you will know where your spare keys are. A fake sprinkler is both inconspicuous and affordable.
  • If not anywhere else, you can easily keep your spare keys inside a vinyl siding. Take your key and attach a loop fastener and a hook to it. Take the vinyl siding and attach another loop fastener to it as well. Then place the siding in an easily visible place like near the window. You can use the loop fastener of the key and hang it on the hook of the vinyl siding.

To take it a step ahead, you can ask your neighbor whom you trust to keep your keys whenever you get out for work or for any other purpose. However, you are recommended to do it only if you trust your neighbor. This can be great way to save your house from theft. If someone really has to find the key, they would never think of going to your neighbor’s house to get it. Also you will not need the help of Manly locksmith to get you inside your house after you lock yourself out and cannot find your spare keys.

Three Amazing Places to Store your Spare Keys

Even if the plumbing companies are working amid the coronavirus pandemic situation they are maintaining safety protocols. They are making sure you remain safe. They are wearing masks throughout the working period and avoiding handshakes on arrival. Besides avoiding interactions with you, they are also sanitizing their tools and machines before putting them to use. They are also using digital payment methods to prevent contamination through money.

These are some of the ways you can limit your contact with Manly locksmith professionals and find a place to hide your spare keys. These are smart alternatives and can help you escape frustrating situations easily.

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